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As with anything, learning to bead takes a little practice. But it’s well worth the effort and with just a little dedication, you’ll be making your own fabulous bead work to a very high standard in next to no time. We design our patterns to be as easy to follow as possible, although as you would expect, the more intricate and extravagant the item, the more effort that is required. It’s often a good idea for a beginner to start off with a simpler bracelet or pendant, to help learn the skills you will need when you decide to start making more complicated pieces.

You really don’t need much equipment, and that which you do need can be found on the high street easily and cheaply. It’s a good idea to get yourself some round nosed and flat nosed pliers, some wire cutters, a small pair of scissors (such as you’d use for sewing) and a bottle of glue. Once you’ve got the essentials, you are ready to go get some beads, some wire and to start making your own jewellery. You’ll find a huge range of beads available to buy either online or in beading stores – glass, gemstones, crystals, pearls to name but a few. There are almost no limits as to what beads can be made from, and each person has their own favourite materials.

Of course, you can buy beading patterns and beading kits too. Please take a look around our own online shop, where we are sure you will find a product to inspire you! Our patterns are designed to make it easy to produce magnificent pieces of jewellery at a fraction of the cost were you to buy the finished item. We hope you’ll also enjoy making them and that we’ll see you back in our store again soon. We regularly update our range with new kits and products.

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